Transport of goods worldwide

Land, air, water, inland, rail, intermodal transport – in Europa Logistics it deals with any type of transport! We have been successfully organizing for years and we coordinate orders for the transport of any cargo, using all available types of transport We choose the option that is most beneficial to our clients by monitoring individual stages and optimizing the effects.



We deal with every transport

Railway transport

The transport of a lot of quantities requires organization of transport with the same loading equipment.
At this point, it’s a turn. This type of transport is often called an intermodal place and can go with other forms of transport.

Air Transport

It is frequent and the most convenient form of transport. Therefore, when the need arises, we organize air transport for our clients. Transport offer with a different form of transport – for example, it may be for reloading goods for transport, buses or trucks.

Land transport

We organize all types of land transport. We use, among others, our own fleet (trucks up to 7.5 tons and buses up to 3.5 tons). When necessary, we provide additional transport sets, including pilotage necessary for oversize transport.

Water transport

We provide efficient logistics in transport not only by land, but also by water all over the world. We can organize cargo delivery for our clients or its pickup to any port in Europe. We deal with the logistics of any type of water transport.

We have many years of experience in transport


Our company has existed since 2005. From the very beginning, we dealt with the organization of transport for Polish companies that received numerous orders for their goods, but were not able to provide their customers with efficient and quick deliveries. Because it required having trained employees, proper rolling stock and proper organization of work.
Many entrepreneurs prefer to focus on the production of high-quality goods and have them delivered to our company. Being aware that we will carefully plan the transport and monitor its every stage.

The aim of Europa Logistics is not only quick and efficient delivery of cargo from point A to point B. Equally important are: cost reduction, proper securing of cargo and working out rules of operation that will help in even better transport of goods in the future.

We have been cooperating with many of our clients for years. This enables us to provide better services. By ensuring constant monitoring of warehouses and sales plans, we adjust the organization of transport to the needs of individual plants. While optimizing profits and reducing costs.



Transport from Europa Logistics


Knowledge and qualifications are gained over the years. Practice, difficult situations, problems to be solved are the best school for every specialist. At Europa Logistics, we have learned many lessons and, taught by experience, we know how to organize transport to any place in the world.


We have our own spatial sets. We have standard and mega trailers as well as trucks up to 7.5 tons and buses up to 3.5 tons.


We handle orders for the transport of any type of cargo to any place in the world using all available means of transport.