Logistics is our specialty! Many years of experience enable us to organize and service any type of transport – land, water, air, intermodal. We provide services for companies from all over Poland that operate in any industry. We deal with the logistics of transporting any cargo to any place in the world.



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Logistics in three steps

Logistics is a good organization from the first moments of order acceptance and constant monitoring of all transport elements until its completion. In order to ensure the best possible performance of the service, we prepare an analysis of various ways of transporting cargo. We use all available organizational possibilities and constantly monitor each stage of the order.

We work with our clients, offering support – both technical and substantive. We help find errors or gaps in the operation of the internal logistics system and improve the operation of the company by introducing modern tools and business solutions.

The organization of transport involves numerous formalities that are time-consuming. Our clients do not have to worry about them. Because we ourselves take care of obtaining all the necessary permits and other necessary documents that will enable the efficient transport of cargo.



Coordination of logistic tasks. Assistance in achieving strategic goals and planned financial results. Substantive and technical support.



Management of internal and external deliveries. Choosing the best mode of transport. Maximum use of all organizational possibilities



Optimizing the operation of the customer’s warehouses and – if necessary – adapting their work to current deliveries. Providing warehouse space.


Why is it worth choosing our logistics?


Europa Logistics has been operating since 2005. We employ only experienced employees who are qualified to work in logistics – well organized, coping with the most difficult tasks, even in stressful situations, knowing the realities of work in many industries.


Our company deals with logistics in every industry. We provide services to production and construction companies, service companies and many others. We are always open to new tasks! Economic development and emerging new industries are not a problem for us, but new challenges!

Working area

We accept orders from clients from all over Poland regarding transport logistics to any place in the country, Europe or the world. We treat each order requiring a required analysis, selection of the best means of transport and transport route.


We provide logistics for any type of transport. We handle the transport of fabricated and semi-finished products for companies. We provide efficient transport of structures of any size as well as transport of liquid raw materials and logistics of oversize transport. We support the transport of finished products to anywhere in the world.

Transport type

We support every mode of transport. When selecting it, we take into account the client’s needs, type, costs and place in the program. We provide logistics in land, sea and inland water transport. We also organize car, rail and intermodal transport.


We participate in the process of planning the work of warehouses, control of the flow of raw materials and finished products. We coordinate activities and help in optimizing the work of the warehouse department so that it is adapted to the changing needs of the company.

They are talking about us

"Europa Logistics is a recognized company that focuses primarily on quality and timely deliveries. I wholeheartedly recommend cooperation with Europa Logistics"


"We have used the services of Europa Logistics many times. We have always been very satisfied with the cooperation. Transport is organized professionally, and the service, contact with the company and all arrangements are characterized by the highest quality and commitment. If you are looking for an experienced and market-savvy forwarding company, we recommend cooperation with Europa Logistics."


"Europa Logistics is a company fully recommendable, characterized by full professionalism and commitment. Loads are delivered according to the agreed deadline. I highly recommend it!"

Kuracjusz Kazimierz Gacek

"The cooperation is going very well. In destinations where the rates are accepted by our clients or are within our budget assumptions, we try to provide all possible transport. Service, contact and information flow very well."


"Cooperation with Europa Logistics is pure pleasure, very good contact with the people responsible for organizing transport. Competitive prices and very good contract terms."


"We have been working with Europa Logistics for almost two years. During this time, the company's employees have shown the utmost diligence and commitment in handling our transport orders. Loads are delivered on time and as agreed. We recommend cooperation with Europa Logistics to anyone who appreciates high quality freight forwarding services."

MTB Trzebińscy

"I am very satisfied with the cooperation with your company. What distinguishes Europa Logistics is a very fast response to all enquiries, assistance in solving the resulting problems. I must note that in 99.9% of cases the transport is organised according to all our requirements and expectations. Overall, as a customer, I feel completely taken care of."


"I highly recommend working with Europa Logistics, a very concrete and reliable transport company. Full professionalism, fantastic contact, quick responses to queries, they can. They are able to cope with all kinds of adversities and the loads are always delivered on time!"

D&H Engineering Poland