Organization and monitoring of logistic processes

 All over the world.

We handle orders from small, medium and large companies.


We organize land, water, air and rail – intermodal transport. We use, among other things, our own modern fleet. We also complete the necessary documentation for transport.


We provide professional logistics services for enterprises throughout Poland, including the delivery of materials, semi-finished products and other cargo to any place in the world.


We help companies to improve the operation of their own warehouses and to adapt their space and additionally work organization to the needs of production and sales. We provide additional storage space.


We take over the responsibilities of logistics and transport departments in manufacturing companies, commercial and service. All this while reducing costs and optimizing profits, we keep an eye on the budget.

Since 2016 

Many years of experience

Hard work, experience, knowledge, skills and a pinch of luck determine success in the industry. At Europa Logistics, we have it all. When we launched the company in 2016, we had over 10 years of knowledge and experience in handling transport. We did not lack good ideas for the efficient organization of transport in such a way as to reduce its costs and shorten the time of cargo transport.

We put our heart and a lot of work into building the company. We have always been looking and are still looking for the most optimal logistics and transport solutions.

We are glad that we have not a pinch, but a lot of luck with customers who decide to use Europa Logistics services, because they value professionalism, experience and modern solutions.



We provide our clients with technical and substantive assistance. We offer solutions that improve the logistics of companies.


Before starting cooperation, we will check what your company needs and how we can improve transport service.


We will check different ways of transporting products and materials to choose from the most optimal one.


We handle single transport and logistic orders as well as permanent cooperation on the basis of outsourcing.


We monitor every stage of transport – the time and cost of its implementation, securing the cargo, possible difficulties.

They are talking about us

„I have been working with the company for 12 years, thanks to Europa Logistics I have everything on time. The supplies are always delivered to the warehouse on time. I would recommend.”


“Thanks to Europa Logistics, I don't have to worry about transporting my products. The entire department has been taken over by the company, so I can focus my activities on development. I highly recommend!"


‘’My cooperation with the company began with one-off orders, now I am in contact almost every day. I heartily recommend transport planning with Europa Logistics "

Jerzy Szymański

‘’Europa Logistics is definitely trustworthy! Everything on time and safely - and that's the most important thing for me! "


“We have worked with many transport companies, but we have no objections to Europa Logistics. I will definitely stay in touch with them and recommend them further! "

Art Tech

What makes us stand out



Good team



Cooperation with companies.

We provide transport logistics for companies from every industry. Check how we can help you!

Join us!

Due to the development of the company, we are looking for logisticians / forwarders to join our team.

Europa Logistics Sp. z o.o.

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