You don’t have to worry about organizing transport in your company anymore. We’ll take care of it! Our team of experienced logistics specialists will plan the functioning of the transport department, coordinate its work with the functioning of the warehouse as well as sales and production plans. It will oversee the implementation of the logistics budget, define and evaluate the implementation of KPIs. We will take care of the efficient organization of any type of transport and the delivery of cargo on time!


Reduction of transport costs and logistics organization in your company. Take advantage of the outsourcing offer from Europa Logistics.

Comprehensive outsourcing offer in transport and logistics

Logistics and transport are inseparable. The business success of many companies depends on their proper combination. The problem is that good transport organization requires time, experience and high financial outlays.

Meanwhile, entrepreneurs need well-organized transport right away, without incurring exorbitant costs. In such a situation, the best solution is to use outsourcing. At Europa Logistics, we have been offering this type of service for years.



Are you looking for efficient logistics in transport? Call us or write us an email. We will know your needs and we will go to work to provide your company with the best, comprehensive logistics solutions.



The secret of success is the teamwork of experienced logistics specialists. Our employees will jointly create an external logistics and transport department for your company.



After careful planning of work and organization, we will designate one from our employees to non-standard with your company. You will be able to talk to him at any time to discuss a pressing problem or a new assignment.



A well-functioning logistics department enables efficient organization of transport, increasing profits and reducing unnecessary expenses. It is precisely these goals that we focus on at Europa Logistics.

Logistics in transport

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Outsourcing for companies from Europa Logistics

Responsibilities of the external logistics department:

  • preparation and implementation of the logistics budget,
  • implementation of planned financial goals,
  • execution of strategic goals,
  • defining KPI goals and assessing their implementation,
  • identifying and solving logistic problems,
  • substantive and technical support,
  • introducing new solutions and tools.

Transport service as part of outsourcing:

  • day-to-day logistics management,
  • handling internal and external deliveries,
  • transport planning based on possible means of communication,
  • analysis of transport methods and routes,
  • coordination of the work of the transport and warehouse department,
  • cooperation with the client,
  • constant control of the inventory,
  • monitoring of sales and production plans.

Outsourcing in the warehouse department:

  • help in efficient and economic sources of help and professionals,
  • providing content for storing finished products,
  • warehouse cubature background for the company’s needs,
  • work coordination,
  • optimization of logistics processes,
    work place to warehouse to supply chain.

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